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Fabric Care

Moran has an extensive range of fabrics that are specifically selected for use on quality upholstery. These include microfibres. These are faux suede which should NOT be treated as leathers, but fabrics. These microfibres have Teflon coatings which guards against accidental spills and stains.

The harmful effects of sunlight as well as some household lighting may cause fading and fibre damage. So it is important to keep drapes closed whenever possible. Rotating and reversing cushions also helps protect your investment. Some drying methods make certain fabrics more susceptible to fading.

Pilling can be expected on some fabrics and is not considered a fabric fault. Fibre pills can be removed using an electronic pilling machine. Lightly rotate the pilling machine over the affected area. Repeat if required.

Dust accumulates on furniture daily and may become abrasive causing accelerated wear and tear. Vacuum weekly to fortnightly using the appropriate upholstery attachment on a low suction.

Rotate or reverse cushions regularly. This evens out usage and wear to minimise “favourite chair syndrome”.

Pet fur is particularly oily and can easily cause permanent discolouration. Claws, belt buckles, heels, keys, etc can cut and pull fibres.

Sitting on the cushion edges or the arms causes premature wearing of fabric as well as the inner componentary. It also causes undue stress on seams, piping and zips.

If you have a favourite chair or sofa that could do with a less lived-in look, Moran would be happy to help you put new life into it. Arrangements for this vary depending on your location, so its best to call our customer service department for full details –

1300 786 222 or email us.
Please see our contact page.


  Leather Care

To keep leather furniture looking good for many years to come, the cover must be cleaned and conditioned or revitalised on a regular basis using only recommended products. The right care and attention makes a big difference to the leather’s on-going appearance and performance. Leather furniture will improve with age giving a special lived-in look that is one of the most desirable aspects of the best leather.

Only Moran approved products should be used as general purpose cleaners can easily cause cracking, remove colour and make leather sticky. Look for Moran Leather Care kits in department or specialty stores.


Generally speaking leather is easy to care for. There are just a few things to avoid if possible to add to its longevity.

  1. It’s best to avoid exposing furniture to direct sunlight or heat sources as this can accelerate fading or drying out the leather which causes cracking.
  2. Dust does wear leather down considerably. Leather requires dusting and vacuuming regularly – around fortnightly.
  3. Try and avoid pets scratching or soiling leather furniture. Their fur contains natural oils that can discolour leather. Studded belts or jeans can also easily mark leather.
  4. Natural body oils and perspiration, exacerbated by medications and chemotherapy discolour leather, particularly around areas such as the headrest and arms.




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